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College Preparation

Program Goals

Make your college application stand out from the crowd through our College Prep Program. In this program, you will be able to experience college level preparation, guidance, and strategies. Throughout the program, you’ll learn master test-taking strategies for the SAT and ACT, prepare for the college search and admissions process, and develop valuable skills that will help you succeed in college and beyond. 

How You'll Benefit 

  • Get a head start on college! 


  • Learn effective test-taking strategies that will prepare you for the SAT and ACT test and participate in three diagnostic tests to assess your readiness! 


  • Explore the college search process, identify schools that fit your needs, and gain insights into the admission process! 


  • Complete seminars to improve your college readiness and help you prepare for success on campus! 


  • Gain knowledge about different Financial Aid options and get help with applying for aid!


Academic and Test Prep 

  • Test Taking Strategies and Techniques for the SAT and ACT 

  • High School Foundations: Review of critical content in Algebra I, Algebra II, and English grammar conventions 

  • College Language Skills: Dedicated time focused on analytical reading and essay writing 

  • Recitation Blocks: Focused attention and guidance to ensure students are making progress, meeting learning objectives, and staying on top of course material.

College Search and Credit-load Management 

  • College Search: College search basics, finding the right fit, planning your application, writing the application essay, Georgetown admissions. 

  • Credit-load Management: Goal setting, the science of studying, resilience, managing stress, thriving on campus, effective notetaking. 

  • This will also cover the personal statement for the common application (selecting a topic, writing the essay, and receiving a detailed critique and edit of student essays), as well as putting together a resume and practicing for college interviews.  

Coming Soon

WFFC Inc. is working strategically to offer this program in the following counties:

Raleigh County


Summers County

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