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Child Care

Program Goals 

  • Provide an environment of safety, support, and care 

  • Focus on instilling the core values in each student 

  • Develop the interpersonal skills of each student 

  • Provide an environment that increases the self-confidence and the feeling of self-worth for each student 

  • Focus on teaching each student how to be effective members of a group 

  • Improve the ability of parents and children to communicate with and understand each other 

  • Support a child’s education 

After School Program 

Begins at school dismissal and continues up until 6:00 pm.  

School Day Outs 

Registration for School Day Outs can be handled by calling 304-721-4264. 

On most days when school is not in session, full day care is offered at WFFC from 6:00AM-6:00PM. Please note the Holiday schedule below when we do not operate. There is an additional fee per instance for School Day Outs. You are responsible for paying for each School Day Out that you sign up for regardless of if you send your child or not for holding a spot. If you wish to cancel, please contact the Childcare Services Director a minimum of one week prior in order to not be charged. 

Coming Soon

WFFC Inc. is working strategically to offer this program in the following counties:

Raleigh County


Summers County

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