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Career Preparation

Program Goals

Unlock Your Potential with Our Career Preparation Services:

  1. One-on-one coaching: An expert WFFC Coach will guide you through the program and help you create a personalized career roadmap that ties your long-term career aspirations to near-term goals and development objectives. 

  2. Personal clarity: You will gain insight into your strengths, passions, and development areas. You will define how these personal elements align with your ultimate career goals, allowing you to better tell your story in job interviews. 

  3. Job search guidance: Fellows develop the skills and relationships needed for their target career and become better prepared for the recruiting process. WFFC coaches provide resume and cover letter support, as well as critical insights on networking, interviewing, and relationship management. 

  4. Interview Preparation You will be assisted with preparing for your job interview(s). These services range from mock interviews to proper interview attire. 

Coming Soon

WFFC Inc. is working strategically to offer this program in the following counties:

Raleigh County


Summers County

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